Loan Scheme

Loan Scheme

Loans are unsecured cash, that are granted to borrowers to use for basically any purpose, otherwords loans can be cash made available that cater to specific needs such as a business loan or home mortgage.

Why Choose Margin Alley Incorporation Loan Scheme?

Margin Alley Incorporation is a licensed and trusted moneylender, whether you need a personal or business loan, our loans are tailored to suit your requirements. Trust us to provide you with an easy, flexible and responsible solution to your cash-flow needs.

We believe unfavourable circumstances or financial struggles hold our clients back from the future and dreams they deserve. Our legal money lenders offer a variety of loans that give you a second chance as soon as possible.

Skip the lengthy loan process of traditional banks with our simplified, low-interest loan solutions. To expedite our loan process, we have set up an online loan application. Simply fill out the form and wait for our staff to get back to you within hours.

With Margin Alley Incorporation, you can get the money you need immediately and gain access to friendlier terms, higher borrowing limits, and flexible loan tenures. We may also help you improve your current credit score.

This loan scheme is ideal for those seeking

  1. An unsecured loan – No requirement for any collateral!
  2. A cash loan to deal with unexpected expenses such as: traffic summons, car repairs, medical bills, etc.
  3. A loan has a quick approval process and turnaround time, as banks will require numerous credit checks.

Quick and painless application

The application process is so simple, all you need is:
One form of ID, in the form of a driving license, a passport or any Income Tax Notices of Assessment, Your latest payslip.

What About Eligibility?

We do not determine your loan paying abilities based on your credit history. Instead, we look at your current investment plan with Margin Alley Incorporation. The state of your credit history does not matter. As long as you are an active investor, our team will work out a flexible loan scheme plan that is within your capacity.

Is there any minimum/maximum loan amount that I may take

No, so long as you provided and meet our above mentioned requirements. After receiving and reviewing your loan application form, we will determine if your preferred loan amount will be granted, or otherwise, suggest an alternative amount for your consideration.

It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps to Get a flexible loan scheme plan

Step 1

have an active investment plan with us, apply loan and our personal loan specialist will give you a free loan consultation.

Step 2

You have to fill up the Loan Application Form, which is accessible at any time and may be done in the comfort of your office or home. If our team are satisfied with your submitted loan application form and your intended project expressed. Your Loan request will be processed and approved.

Step 3

you don't have to head down to our office to sign the contract, your cash will disperse to you anywhere round the world through our method of payment.

Get in touch with our loan experts today to map out a loan plan that suits your needs. If you have more questions about our loans scheme, you may send us an email at or send us a whatsapp message at ‪+1 (707) 561‑8605‬.